Prescription drugs, especially controlled ones, are more likely to be diverted, which can lead to misuse and abuse, addiction, and even death.  It is important to take the following steps to ensure medications in your household are not being diverted:

  • Get Organized – Inventory your supply once every six months and check expiration dates.
  • Lock Them up – An overwhelming majority of people who abuse prescription medication identify friends’ and family’s medicine cabinets as their source. Store your prescriptions, especially controlled substances, in a locked cabinet, drawer, or other secure location.
  • Be Safe – Keep your medicine separate from anyone else’s in your household and never mix medications in the same bottle. Remember to keep the lids on your pills bottles tightly closed and keep your medicine in the bottle it came in.

Learn More

  • The AwareRX Pharmacy offers a wealth of resources on the proper use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs.
  • Learn more about proper storage of prescription drugs on the homepage of Safeguard My Meds.
  • The National Council on Patient Information and Education’s “Tips on Safe Storage and Disposal of Your Prescription Medicines” give specific recommendations for the safe storage and disposal of prescription drugs.  Click through the document below to learn more.