Treatment & Recovery

treatment & recovery

The current crisis in the overuse, misuse and overdose of opioids is having tragic consequences for too many Virginians and their families, and is devastating entire communities. But we are learning more and more about the nature of addiction and the pathways to recovery, and most importantly how to get effective help to those who need it.

This section of the VaAware website is designed to get help to those suffering from addiction, support those who are in recovery, and provide resources to increase everyone’s knowledge and understanding of addiction and treatment.
First and foremost there is information on where to get help. An interactive map showing links and contact information for counseling and treatment centers in Virginia is available at Sink or Swim, a collaborative website from the Office of the Attorney General, Gloucester County and DL Media.

VaAware also provides an overview of the different approaches to treatment, including medication assisted treatment, to aid in understanding how the disease of addiction may be treated. We also help explain the current science of addiction: how and why addiction occurs, even at times in persons who are taking their medications as directed by their doctor; how the brain is affected in addiction; and what all this means for those seeking recovery.

We also list specific resources that are available to help those seeking help and their loved ones to better understand and manage the issues that arise with addiction, and offer an array of recommended books, articles and videos on the subject.